Office complete!

Well, my fabulous yellow Salvation Army chair finally made it’s way from Charlotte to Charleston and so the office is now officially complete. And just in time for graduate school to start in about a week – eeeek (that’s a squeal of nervous excitement, fyi)! I’m excited about how everything came together. The chair looks a bit orangey in the pictures, but it’s more yellow in person. What do y’all think?!





Here’s a closer look at the wall candy:



The prints on the right are lyrics from Forever Young by Bob Dylan. It’s a very special song for me and my dad (we even danced to it at my wedding), so I ordered him a set from this fabulous Etsy shop and I couldn’t resist getting myself a set. I got the mirrors for cheap at a local auction and spray painted them, as seen here. I just love old pictures, especially when they mean something to me. The top picture is from my great-great grandmother’s graduation day (on my mom’s side) and the bottom one is a family portrait of my great-grandfather and his brothers and sisters (on my dad’s side). It’s so fascinating to see the outfits they wore and the way they styled their hair. WinnieJane probably wouldn’t exist without the people in those pictures!

Of course, when I say that the office is complete, I mean that it’s mostly complete. I still want to put up some kind of window treatment. I just need to decide on a valance or panels? Hmmmm.

Here’s a quick little reminder of what the room looked like before:


ImageNo need to dwell, though.



Ah, much better. I love the little button details on the chair!



Happy Monday! xoxo, p


Office update

Turns out I’m kind of weird when it comes to putting a room together from scratch. I’ll check something big off the list, like paint the walls or finish the desk, and then take like a week off and regroup or whatever you want to call it. I’ve got the desk kind of set up and the bookshelf kind of set up and the bar-cart-looking-table kind of set up and I’m hoping it will all kind of fall together once I get the study chair in there. Here’s how things are looking now. 


The vintage radio was the most perfect, wonderful Christmas gift from my perfect, wonderful husband and I got that little lamp at an auction for two bucks. I made that sad lamp the Little Lamp That Could with a few coats of red Krylon. I got the industrial char off Craigslist and I wish SOO badly that the dude had one more to sell because two is always better than one especially in the case of this awesome chair. But alas, one will do for now. 


I have big plans for what will go in that giant blank space on the wall above the desk : shelves involving a few L brackets and a 2 x 6. I am sooo not good with power tools which makes this is a real nail-biter, peeps. Especially since I don’t own those walls I’m drilling into, just rent them for a ridiculous amount of money per month. Also, our stud-finder is sometimes reliable, most of the time not. So that makes it a little worse. Probably should get that worked out. 

But, in other news, I found the perfect chair to complete the room at the Salvation Army in Charlotte. It’s still currently in Charlotte for various reasons but it shall be here soon and I can NOT WAIT. What’s that? A sneak peek you say? OKAY!



Isn’t she beautiful and perfect??? Can’t wait til she’s in her little corner in the study and everything will be right with the world again! 

xoxo, p 

Wall decor

So the desk has been primed, painted and sealed. It’s the perfect size, the perfect shape and I think will provide the perfect amount of function. I’m still in shock that this actually worked out. But, right now it doesn’t look quite as awe-inspiring because there’s nothing on it. So I’m gonna wait to post pictures.



The desk took me about 4 days to prime, paint and seal because I waited extra long in between each coat. I know it will be seeing lots and lots of traffic so we’re trying to avoid as many knicks, scratches and dings as possible. In the meantime, I spent some time updating a few things that will go up on the wall. 

Fun fact: I’m a super visual learner.  

I wanted some kind of whiteboard/chalkboard for the office to use during all the late-night study sessions I forsee in the near future. 

Another fun fact: I also have major texture issues with random things. Including, chalk. And chalkboards. Me no likey the feeling on my fingers. Or the smell. Or the sound. If you keep reading my little ol’ blog you just might find out the other things that I have textural issues with. INCENTIVE!

This is unfortunate because chalkboards are obviously sooo in right now and also really cute. Luckily, Matt found a stray whiteboard somewhere at work that wasn’t being used so he stole asked politely if we could have it and then hand delivered that bad boy straight to moi. 

Unfortunate is also a description for the looks of this free whiteboard. So not putting this on my wall.  I flipped it over and pried the existing frame off. It was super easy. Then I took some Windex to it to clean ‘er off. 


Now I needed a new frame for the board and I thought about heading to Lowe’s to get some thin boards to DIY frame it but that sounded like a lot of work and also I had a lightbulb! I was in Michael’s about a year ago in the canvas section and saw the most amazing thing ever. What I thought were pieces of frame that attach at the corners like a puzzle. They come in all different lengths so you can pick and chose which sizes you need for whatever you are framing. Easiest. DIY. Frame. Ever. Well, when I went to find the product on the Michael’s website I discovered that these are actually canvas stretchers for artists to create their own size frame for the inside of their canvases. 

Whatever they technically are, I did some mental guesstimating and picked up to 36″ pieces ($3.00 per piece) and two 24″ ($2.00 per piece) pieces. These, amazingly, were the exact dimensions of my whiteboard. Seriously, I never guess stuff like that correctly. I got home, sprinted upstairs and put those babies together. Then spray-painted the new frame gold the very next day. Actually, that’s a lie. I did this first.




See how they fit right together in the corner? So easy my dog can do it. This is the same dog that I had to yell at multiple times to stop licking the scissors while I was cutting out newspaper to tape into these mirrors:



No, those are not Charleston Regional Business Journals with my husbands byline all over the front page that I cut up into little pieces and spray painted all over. It’s called recycling, honey! 

I used another highly sophisticated method to spray paint all of these items at the same time. Probably, definitely, maybe recommended by all the professionals. 



In case you wanted to copy these methods, that is a fitted bed sheet held to the ground by two rusty citronella candles, a watering can and a pile of rocks. Yep.

I used Krylon’s metallic Gold and really, really liked how easily it took to the mirrors. They pretty much took one coat. I used about three coats on the wood frame. 

Happy weekend! xoxo, p

Make yo’ own desk

I started a really exciting project yesterday that I’m desperately hoping will turn out like I have it pictured in my head. I was in need of a desk for my new office that could accomodate space for studying on one side and sewing on the other but we’re poor budgeting so I couldn’t spend a lot of money. Currently, I use our kitchen table as a sewing spot and it’s extremely inconvenient and frustrating. I have to take off whatever center piece resides on the table, lug my sewing machine out of the laundry room, set everything up. But when I have to iron or cut big pieces, I have to move all of that too and it’s just a cluttered mess. And I despise clutter. And mess. It gives me anxiety and puts me in a bad mood.

I’ve seen tutorials for DIY desks using flush interior doors placed on top of sawhorses. I liked the idea of using sawhorses but I thought it might end up looking too bulky since the room is too small. So I ordered these legs from Ikea with plans to spray paint them gold. Ten bucks per leg? Werd.

They finally came in the mail last week, so yesterday I took my muscles of this operation (husband) to look at doors at Lowes. Most of them are a standard length, I think 60″ and you can choose the width of your liking – 24″, 28″, 30″, etc. We went with the smallest (24″) because we felt it was plenty wide for our purpose. So once we decided on the size, I said, “Husband. Do your duty to your wife. Pick up that door and carry it up to the front of the store. Onward!” To which he looked at me, turned around and found a rolly cart to do his duty for him. 21 dolla later we were on our way.

We brought it home, I put two TV tray tables in the office, laid a drop cloth on them and then slid that door on top to prep for surgery painting. I lightly sanded it, wiped dust off with a cloth and got to priming. As you can see in the pictures, this technique is highly methodical and sophisticated. Clearly, people, I am a professional.

Step 1 down! Other steps to come..



I, for one, was relieved to find that my door was made from “responsible sources.” No drug-using, alcohol-abusing, promiscuous doors allowed in this house! This door is never late for an appointment and always turns his homework in on time. Ok. I’m done.

Happy Monday!

The Office

Currently, our third bedroom is sort of an office, but that’s an awfully generous title. Technically, it has a desk which has been used like twice, but it also has a single bed, a ton of books, random sewing/crafting supplies, winter clothes, etc. etc. etc. The room never really served a purpose, so I had zero motivation to organize and decorate it. But when I got into OT school, I had the perfect excuse to make it pretty so I could use it as a study spot – no boys or pups allowed. Ok, let’s be real. I’ll definitely let little B snuggle up in there with me while I study. Then one day, I walked into our laundry room (another generous title) and I stubbed my toe on my sewing machine that was conveniently placed right inside on the doorway. On the floor. Not ideal. And I realized I needed a sewing/crafting place too, so basically this 3rd bedroom is about to become my woman cave. What? It’s a thing, I promise. 

I’ve got big plans for this little baby. I know mood boards are the cool way to show how you’re going to redecorate a room, but I have no idea how to make a mood board and my brain doesn’t have the discipline to come up with one. When I see things I like, I go crazy and just start wanting everything so I’m going to stick with a good ol’ fashioned list.

Woman cave:

  • Soft, grey walls (Tempered Grey by Valspar)
  • Rug to accent walls (On sale at West Elm – I had a giftcard, woop)
  • Arm chair/recliner for reading (yellow/gold?)
  • Looong desk with enough room for studying on one end and sewing on the other
  • Yellow, gold, turquoise frame wall
  • Shelves above desk for storage 
  • Put darker stain on existing bookshelf
  • Repurpose filing cabinet as side table for reading chair


Some of these bullets have already been accomplished like the paint color and the rug, but others I’m still working out the kinks on such as the filing cabinet and the shelves above the desk. I’m excited to watch the room transform on the blog! Here are some pictures of the space when we cleared it out to paint (don’t forget rule #1, no judgy!):


Back off ladies, he’s allllll mine.