Weekend Things

Fabulous, wonderful things happened at the Tomsic household this past weekend. The Cooper River Bridge Run was on Saturday, which is pretty much opening day for tourist season here in the Low Country. Every year, 40,000 people flood into the city from all over to run 6.2 miles across the Cooper River into downtown. This year, a few of those 40,000 included one of my dear friends from college and her boyfriend, as well as my parents.

So when Jordan and Roy got here on Friday night, we did what any great Charleston host would do and shoved them in the car, drove straight to Taco Boy and poured margaritas down their throats. Eat tacos and drink margaritas: It’s what all the professional runners do the night before a big race. Also, they typically go out to another bar after tacos to drink beer and watch a country cover band, so we did that too. Just to be as professional as possible. 

We woke up bright and early Saturday morning and headed to the start line. Jordan was the most ambitious of us all and actually ran the entire race in like an hour, so amazing! Matt and I originally planned to train for the run after sitting on the sidelines last year drinking mimosas and eating waffles while thousands of fit, dedicated individuals ran by us. Unfortunately, my spinal fusion ruined all chances of that so my parents said they would walk the course with us as a consolation. So, it sort became my post-surgery goal to be able to walk the full 10k. So, about 2.5 hours after we started, Matt, Dad and I sprinted through the finish line (we started our sprint about 10 yards before the finish). Stops along the way include:

  • photo op at the start line
  • photo op in front of Shem Creek
  • photo op halfway up the bridge
  • Dollar store downtown for bug spray and shorts (yep.)
  • photo op just in front of the finish line

All completely necessary (and time consuming) stops. But in the end, we all survived. My feet and shins are still sore three days later, but it was worth it! It was such a beautiful day and we had a great time walkin’ and talkin’.



We closed out the day with a few celebratory beers in Marion Square, and a few more down the street at Boone’s Bar on King Street. Yummy food, delicious drinks and great service. Best part of the day: realizing that it’s officially Bell’s Oberon season, y’all! I love spring and summer beers. 

Sunday was an even more beautiful day than Saturday was, so we spent most of it sleeping in eating brunch and walking around downtown. A few drinks on the rooftop of Vendue Inn was just about the best way to round out this fantastic weekend. Mmmmmmm yess, this really happened. Completely normal.


ImageSuch a fun, crazy, sleepless, food-filled weekend with great friends!