Easter Things

First off, a quick, haphazard project. I had a canvas drop cloth leftover from when I painted the office and for some reason I kept trying to think of some way to reuse it besides the obvious. And then I started thinking about how I needed new place mates for all the visitors we would be having for Easter weekend and that’s where I got the idea for chalkboard place mates. I googled/pinterested the idea to see if anyone else had tried it but came up with nothing. Everything out there used a hardsurface as their base, which is certainly more practical, but I was set on using what I had already. So I winged it. Wang it? Wung it? Winged it.

I cut my drop cloth into 12″x18″ rectangles and thought about hemming the edges for about 3 seconds and then I was like, nope, too much work. So I got out my chalkboard paint and gave each rectangle a coat. I was too impatient to do multiple coats and I wasn’t sure the cloth could put up with much more. Since I only did one coat, this pretty much means that I can’t erase the chalk on the placemat, but that’s fine because I had a design in mind that I liked and I can’t image doing much else with them.

I just gave each one a nice little border and then drew an outline of a plate and the fork, knife and spoon. Btw, forks are really hard to draw with chalk. Thank God you can’t see the full-on fork drawing because it’s just laughable. Most of them ended up looking like pitchforks. Oh well. Here’s the table all set for our weekend visitors:


We had a great Easter weekend and got plenty of use of the new place mats. Matt’s dad, stepmom and brother all came to visit and it was great because my brother and dad were in town as well. Family weekend! Once Matt’s parents got here on Friday night, we headed to The Boathouse on Isle of Palms for Randy’s first birthday celebration and had fabulous meal #1 of the weekend. Between all of us we had oysters, crab cakes, fish, sirloin and gouda mac & cheese. Delish! I topped my meal off with a glass of really delicious champagne, Freixenet. All you locals out there, head out to the Boat House for a great view of the water, great service and a great meal. On Saturday we took advantage of the beautiful weather and had lunch at Vickery’s on Shem Creek. It was a little windy to sit outside, but we enjoyed a drink on the deck while we waited for our table. How beautiful is this city? We are so blessed!


A mere four hours later I was back at our house setting the table for a gigantic combined birthday dinner for Randy and my dad. Matt grilled some delicious Filet Mignons for us. That boy can grill, y’all. Yum yum. And it’s not a birthday without cake so I used this recipe for a delicious dessert. It truly was the most amazing chocolate cake ever. If I do say so myself. It was a great night with family and we had so many laughs together. God is good.


Our church had a beautiful outdoor mass for Easter Sunday and it was so nice to share it with Matt’s dad and stepmom, as well as Matt’s brother who is Catholic, too. We had a beautiful weekend that involved lots of eating and laughing. Can you ask for much else?


xoxo, p