Y’all watch Duck Dynasty? You know how Si says “HEY.” before like, every sentence that comes out of his mouth? That’s how the title of this inaugural post is supposed to sound.

This first post is the end of a mediocre thing and the start of a new, exciting thing. Tumblr wasn’t doin’ it for me. It’s just not my scene. We just weren’t meant to be, so I’m breaking up with him. her. it. And I’m starting a blog, YAY.

I’m still on recovery road from back surgery and I had plans coming up for a few things around the house as well as memories I wanted to document from my surgery, so I thought I might as well start one of these babies. I honestly have no clue what I will be blogging about. Not for the longterm at least. Short term: a few posts about my surgery and a few about the 3rd bedroom in our townhome that I’m converting into an office/sewing room. Honestly, I’ve always found blogs to be a bit self-righteous – I never had a LiveJournal in middle school. Even at that age I remember thinking, “who cares?” But, I caved. Mostly for one reason – it will be great to look back on years from now to remember the first years of our marriage. Also, Matt and I have family all over the country, so maybe it will become a good way for them to keep up with the Charleston Ts. Not even sure I’ll ever have readers other than my husband and probably my brother, but if so – enjoy!