Office complete!

Well, my fabulous yellow Salvation Army chair finally made it’s way from Charlotte to Charleston and so the office is now officially complete. And just in time for graduate school to start in about a week – eeeek (that’s a squeal of nervous excitement, fyi)! I’m excited about how everything came together. The chair looks a bit orangey in the pictures, but it’s more yellow in person. What do y’all think?!





Here’s a closer look at the wall candy:



The prints on the right are lyrics from Forever Young by Bob Dylan. It’s a very special song for me and my dad (we even danced to it at my wedding), so I ordered him a set from this fabulous Etsy shop and I couldn’t resist getting myself a set. I got the mirrors for cheap at a local auction and spray painted them, as seen here. I just love old pictures, especially when they mean something to me. The top picture is from my great-great grandmother’s graduation day (on my mom’s side) and the bottom one is a family portrait of my great-grandfather and his brothers and sisters (on my dad’s side). It’s so fascinating to see the outfits they wore and the way they styled their hair. WinnieJane probably wouldn’t exist without the people in those pictures!

Of course, when I say that the office is complete, I mean that it’s mostly complete. I still want to put up some kind of window treatment. I just need to decide on a valance or panels? Hmmmm.

Here’s a quick little reminder of what the room looked like before:


ImageNo need to dwell, though.



Ah, much better. I love the little button details on the chair!



Happy Monday! xoxo, p


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